For decades Russia has been a centre of research and education. Russia is the place where maximum number of foreign students arrive every year for higher education in the fields of medicine, engineering, economics, natural and social sciences. The Russian education system is considered to be the best system in the world. Today Russia has maximum number of scientists in the field of medicine and technology.

We represent 2 Sri Lankan Medical Council approved Russian universities, namely:

1. N.I. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University

2. I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University

In addition to these we represent multiple other universities approved by the Indian Medical Council.

The benefits of doing a degree in the medical stream in Russia is its word class education infrastructure, a fraction of the cost compared to other nations and approved degrees all over the world. Also the course duration is 6 years during which a person specialises with MD qualification which generally takes a minimum of 7 years elsewhere.

We also represent multiple institutes in Russia for Engineering and other streams.

Among all other fields, we recommend the following very highly:

1. Aviation Technology
2. Electronics and Nanoelectronics
3. Metallurgy
4. Materials and Nanomaterials

The above fields are a specialty in Russia. In fact, Russia is the ONLY country in the world to have an active human transporting space programme and they are the world leaders in the above fields.