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Every Human is a Resource and Every Material is an Asset

We are a company that strives to find resource wherever available and maximize it. We like to see the potential in humans and hone it for their betterment and their ability to contribute to global development, and we also like to sustainably develop a supply chain for your required material resources by delivering the right material to you in time every time. So, if you are a person looking to become an industry asset or a company looking for materials to compete in the industry, our assistance can always be counted on.

To harness the potential of every individual and company by providing them the right training and right materials to become the largest resource management company in the world.


Indic RMC Pvt. Ltd. began as not just a company, but as an ideal. Our managing director and our Chief Executive Officer recognized that the determinant of success in the professional world was often of guidance. As they discussed and pored over these matters in 2018, they decided they would use their professional experience to guide individuals and companies so people got in ready for the workforce and the companies got the best of their investments in materials. Hence, it was decided that Indic RMC would provide management experience in both Human and Material Resources. Within Human Resources, it was realised early on that in the modern world, proper management would have to include both work and leisure, so both it was designed for both the people who from the outside wanted to get into the professional world, and those on the inside who wanted to get out temporarily to relax. They brought their ideas to fruition in 2019 when the first office of Indic RMC Pvt. Ltd. opened on the High Level Road, in Maharagama, in Sri Lanka.



We provide training for students and working professionals to help them master the English language as well find future career pathways in order to maximize the innate potential of every student.

Our services include: O-Level Preparation, A-Level Preparation, IELTS, TOEFL, Business English, Spoken English, English Foundation, University Applications & Study Abroad.

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